Almost every day we hear about heartbreaking hacks and scams!

Hideous Hackers founders have immense hearts and love for all people. Our community is primarily focused on preventing cyber crimes and healing the hearts and spirits of people harmed by cyber criminals. Our giving back program helps organizations and people who need, and can be helped by, occasional small grants.

Authentic empathy even tries to understand criminals... and although our slogan isn’t “Hug a Hacker”, we understand hackers are human and each has had life experiences that eventually led them down a dark path. Like most people, we believe even criminal hackers long for compassion, appreciation, love and sense of belonging.

Hideous Hackers dare to dream a criminal or two to may decide to change hats and one day experience a sense of appreciation and belonging as a Hero Hacker in our community or wherever they find themselves.

Anyhow… when we say we love all people, we hope to inspire people, maybe even some criminal hideous hackers, to one day soon, present the best version of themselves… the version that feels most worthy!


Isn't it just a little ironic that the barrier breaking decentralized crypto community quickly developed a class system to sort out who’s cool and “better” based on chains hosting projects they are involved with or supporting!

"GM" LOL it's still early and the Web3 community is still figuring out crypto... and NFTs... and DAOS... and DeFi... and the Metaverse and on and on…

Founders of Hideous Hackers embrace ALL blockchains and all projects that are honest and trying to contribute something useful and or beautiful to any intended audience.

After Series 1 on ETH, look forward to more Hideous Hacker collections on other blockchains to allow us to help a much broader community.


We hope you love the hidden gems in Hideous Hackers collections half as much as we enjoyed creating them!

Funboy (children's author and illustrator, Ralph Cosentino), had no idea how serious smartr was when he messaged him about creating a “Die Hacker Die” collection. With that, admittedly harsh, working title, Ralph ran with smartr’s crude drawings and never looked back as he delivered the coolest interpretation imaginable of every idea!

As our mission to prevent cyber crime and help victims of scams and hacks took shape, our project identity evolved from revenge to giving back... and "Hideous Hackers" were brought to life by Ralph Cosentio. Each design is intentional, tells a unique story and most importantly, reminds people to BE CAREFUL!

Every NFT evolves 6 times, culminating into an animated NFT iteration of each stage. Holders of the final animated NFTs own all 6 iterations making up the GIF.