Jim "smartr" DeLaMater

Jim 'smartr' DeLaMater

Co-founder, Jim DeLaMater professes to have a big heart and to love all people, but "he's no angel" his mother once told his wife of over 30 years. Jim likes to think he knows enough to be dangerous... but he has the good sense to surround himself with people ‘smartr’ than him. His Bachelor's of Social Work has proven useful in business and forms the foundation for his passion for helping people, problem solving and community.

Jim has worked across Information Services, Supply Chain, Marketing, Merchandising and Operations in finance, retail, hospitality, real estate, consulting and even the armed forces. He's most comfortable working on complex problems involving people and systems at the intersection of developers, designers and end users. Jim has contributed to multiple brick and mortar, Web2 and Web3 since 2021. Hideous Hackers is just the beginning of many projects 'smartr' has planned for for his company, Worthy Agent LLC.

Ralph "funboy" Cosentino

Co-founder Ralph Cosentino, an Argentinian who grew up in New York, is the son of flamenco dancers. Ralph develops and designs characters and brands for licensing and entertainment. He is also an established children's book author and illustrator, Founder of Cruikshank & Wallace and the creator of Kitty Cones! He is the first to combine NFTs & publishing children's books as a vehicle for giving back to libraries and charitable children's literacy organizations.

smartr Team

Hideous Hackers is only as strong as our collective value to the Web 3 community. Our Partners and Advisory Team include people and projects who believe in our mission and are focused on bringing real value to Web 3.

With limited budget during these early days, our intention is to create mutually beneficial relationships with individuals and projects as we build our team of advisors, contributors and partners. This means we will be highly selective in who we work with because we never want to take advantage of anyone's good will... we want folks to organically benefit in whatever ways are meaningful to them. Win-win!


While we care deeply for the overall cognitive and physical well being of our community, we are keenly aware of how important it is for users to be fully present and aware when transacting in Web 3. Additionally, when people are victims of hack and scams, the pain often goes beyond financial and may include embarrassment, anger, fear and even depression. Hideous Hackers approach to wellness is balanced between prevention, healing and restoring people's faith, when needed, in Web 3 technology.

Meditation - we believe our super power for defeating scammers and hackers is to learn how to be present and hyper aware in every time we interact with our crypto wallets. This practice will, of course, help us make safer decisions in all areas of our financial lives and other important decisions. We have a very special project in mind for this space, just give us a moment please...


Mental Health - ...accepting inquiries... we are looking for individuals and/or organizations to engage organically with our Hideous Hackers community, to be there for people when they share difficult life circumstances, like being scammed, but also anything else that comes up. We can be an empathetic and loving community and support one another as friends. We can also provide referrals to service providers for folks who need a bit more support.


Constructive Habits - we are all able to rise from our own ashes when we plug into great guidance and get support as we work on ourselves... here too, we have a special project in mind who we are working on partnering with...


Story Telling & Publishing

We have two sets of stories to tell:
1) Stories about the cast of characters known as "Hideous Hackers".

Jason "Old Dog" Lind - Writer of a dozen screenplays, and veteran of the Hollywood trenches, Jason Neff Lind has worked on Best Picture winning films and won several screenwriting awards.  He worked for many years as a professional poet, writing sonnets on demand for clients through the now defunct, and his novel '420 Reasons Not to Suicide' was featured in Cannabis Culture magazine.

He has written daily since 1994 and studied the craft extensively, from Aristotle's Poetics, to McKee's Story. Besides writing, Jason has made his living in service work and trades, where he currently works as a carpenter. Having entered the NFT space early 2022, Jason is currently producing a set of poetry videos, while developing written content for Hideous Hackers.

2) Personal stories shared by victims of hackers and scammers. We want to honor every story shared by victims. Some stories will be told in full, analyzed and explained technically so we can all learn from them. Other stories will contribute to learning and sharing in other ways. Everyone who honestly shares their story will be offered community support and a free Emotional Support NFT (ES NFT). This team will tell these stories and coordinate with giving team to award free ES NFTS.

Writer - ...accepting inquiries... this will be a collaborative effort. We need to edit stories we receive, analyze some of them from a Technical perspective and also write guidance for how to recognize particular scams and avoid them altogether.



Hackers and scammers operate via social media posts, DM's, text messages, email, phone calls and even direct mail. While we are focused on Web 3, we recognize almost every Web 3 scam starts on another platform. Hideous Hackers aims to create a general awareness about a wide variety of scams to prevent Web 3 scams before hackers or scammers get anywhere near people's wallets.

Rug Pull Finder - providing every human an outlet to safely navigate web3 without the threat of victimization. It is imperative to get a handle on fraud in web3 and educate the masses on security standards. We are here to lead by example and instill the standards that allow for mass adoption to occur.


TBD - ...accepting inquiries...


TBD - ...accepting inquiries...


Giving Outreach

We are working to help those who have been hurt by hackers or scammers by offering Free Emotional Support NFTS to everyone who shares their story.

NFT Donor Community Liaisons  - ...accepting inquiries... help us work with communities who have NFT supply they want to share with victims of hacks and scams to introduce new people to their project and hopefully cultivate grateful long-term loyal holders.


Victim's Advocates/Guides - ...accepting inquiries... while we could just arbitrarily choose ES NFTS to send victims, advocates will help match artistic styles and community vibes with each ES NFT recipient. Additionally, advocates may guide victims to resources for reporting cybercrimes to appropriate government and investigative authorities.


HH Heroes Fund Administration - ...accepting inquiries... 50% of the mint is going into a fund to help victims and to help keep people safe in the future through programs and education. This administrative role can be someone (or a small group of people) contributing to Hideous Hackers in other ways as well. The idea is... decisions by committee with NFT holders vote input, and  always in a multi-signature wallet.


Community Building & Engagement

We believe engagement drives community growth and our partners and advisors reflect this strategy.

The EscapeVerse - premier puzzle destination in the metaverse where you can build your NFT's IQ on chain and get rewarded for it. Will you be able to stop Hideous Hackers from interfering with your puzzle solving journey?


Web 2 Liaisons - ...accepting inquiries... help us reach Web 2 communities who have not yet moved into Web 3... Hideous Hackers wishes to reach these communities to help them onboard and navigate Web 3 safely by leveraging Hideous Hackers' education and the vast resources of our advisors and partners. Our liaisons will identify and work with communities/groups of people who will benefit from safer cybersecurity experiences.


Community Moderators - ...accepting inquiries... as our project is not a "hype" project and we are not engagement farming on social media, community support should mostly look like being generally welcoming to folks and keeping an eye out for folks who might need some help form our team or one of our partners. In other words, this role should be held by people with good hearts and at least some general understanding of  Web 3 and working knowledge of Hideous Hackers and our partners programs and services.


Animation & Video

People love a story in motion... Hideous Hackers have so much potential to entertain and educate large diverse audiences.

Very short bits... memes & TikTok - ...accepting inquiries...


30 seconds or more... lore, learning, documentary - ...accepting inquiries...


Developers (multi-chain)

While the first generation of Hideous Hackers are minted on ETH, we want to reach and help Web 3 communities across all blockchains. .

Avalanche - ...accepting inquiries...


Polygon...accepting inquiries...


Solana - ...accepting inquiries...


TBD - ...accepting inquiries...


TBD - ...accepting inquiries...


TBD - ...accepting inquiries...



Hideous Hackers aims to do good. So much good that our collective story becomes worthy of writers and news organizations to investigate for themselves and share our story with their audiences. If we are not worthy of our story being told by others, we must revisit what it is we are doing and how we are doing things... and evolve until others want to tell our story.

Historian - ...accepting inquiries... this person(s) will document what it is we at Hideous Hackers have done, and are doing.


Relevancy Interpreter - ...accepting inquiries... this person will understand and articulate why the Historian's documentation is important and who it impacts.


Connector/Advocate- ...accepting inquiries... this person will find individuals and organizations who value and may want to amplify the Relevancy Interpreter's findings.