Look, we know everyone loves a roadmap, so we will give you one. But, just so you know up front, we already delayed launching this collection until we felt it  was worth 10X with what's already in place!

When we mint...

  • 50% of mint programed to distribute to designated transparent public multi-signature wallet for funding education to communities and grants to hacker/scam victims, managed by Hideous Hackers team and voted on by holders.
  • Amazing Art by fully doxxed artist Ralph Cosentino, creator of Kitty Cones NFTS and founder of Cruikshank & Wallace Publishing, now minting I am the Frankenstein Monster NFTS bridging the gap between NFTS and children's books.
  • Discord community designed to foster healing, wellness and ongoing safety for Web3 community.
  • Education and crime prevention, grant nominations, holder votes, expert engagement, cyber crime investigations and more.
  • Alliance with Rug Pull Finder to report new hacking/scam incidents to help prevent additional victims.
  • Gathering stories from victims of hackers and scammers, content for traditional online and Web3 Safety publishing series.
  • Mental Health advocates and support systems integrated in everything we do for community wellness.

2023 and beyond...

You know how when your driving and following your navigation... and maybe you miss a turn, or there's an accident ahead, or a football match ends and suddenly the streets fill with people and cars?  Your nav app re-routes you with a better way to get to your destination.

Hideous Hackers "destination" is minimizing the damage of hackers and scammers while fostering empathy, emotional recovery and giving back to victims! HH "nav" is definitely listening and paying attention to the entire online and Web3 community.

So, as much as we want to accomplish everything mentioned, when we discover better options for our community (and we'll be disappointed if we don't), our plans will evolve to reflect Web3 innovations, community sentiment, best practices, market conditions and/or the needs expressed from within our own community!

  • Partnerships with innovative Web 3 personal self-improvement platforms with the explicit objective of improving personal decision making and safety in Web 3.
  • Integration of Hideous Hackers brand and IP in metaverse games with innovative Web 3 gaming partners.
  • Establish programs for financially rewarding and/or publicly recognizing projects and individuals for exceptional contributions in cyber crime prevention education and solving cyber crimes.
  • NFT Series 2, Series 3... Hideous Hackers to grow the Heroes community and secure long-term funding (collections on multiple blockchains).
  • Expand monthly grant program to help organizations helping local communities (pending future successful mints).
  • Publish multiple NFT &  Crypto safety e-books featuring stories from our community; holders' stories will also feature their NFT PFPs.
  • Evolving Discord community and/or migration to more accessible user friendly community platform.
  • More industry, civic and project alliances to provide more and better perks for our holders and greater community.
  • P2E GAMES!
  • Recovering Criminal Hacker Boot Camps - "How to Re-enter Web3 as a Force for Good, Not Evil!" Okay... lol, we just made up this one, but we COULD do this!