Look, we know everyone loves a roadmap, so we will give you one. But, just so you know and in case you haven't noticed... Crypto and NFT markets and tech change so fast that every project must be ready to pivot, to adapt, to do whatever it takes to deliver value!


  • 10% Polygon Whitelist Mints to WL Partner Collabs
  • 50% of HH ETH mint allocated to thank people working behind the scenes to help keep people safe and to help spread the word about staying safe on all digital platforms.
  • Amazing Art by legendary artist Ralph Cosentino
  • Discord community available to anyone seeking information and/or investigative support about cybersecurity concerns on any digital platform. Reliable, safe referrals to experts who generally help without asking for compensation.
  • Education and crime prevention, expert engagement, cyber crime investigations and more.
  • Alliance with multiple doxxed cyber sleuths to report new hacking/scam incidents to help prevent additional victims.
  • Ongoing gathering stories from victims of scammers, content for traditional online and Web3 Safety publishing series.
  • Collaboration with Mental Health advocates and support systems integrated in all Hideous Hackers does for community wellness.
  • Collabs with Moments of Space, colR Founders, The Escapeverse, Intelligence on Chain, Know Your Crook (KYC Alliance), Wolves of Alt Street, Mongoose CLub, FTGK, Love Story Unicorns, Collab Center, Crypto Crew and many more!

In the future

  • Continue building enduring collaborations with innovative Web 3 and Web2 bridge communities.
  • Integration of Hideous Hackers brand and IP in metaverse games with innovative Web 3 gaming partners.
  • NFT Polygon Series, Solana Series, and more... Hideous Hackers to grow the Heroes community on multiple blockchains.
  • NFT & Crypto safety e-books featuring stories from our community and lessons from our collaborators.
  • Industry, civic and project alliances to provide more and better perks for our holders and greater community.
  • Recovering Criminal Hacker Boot Camps - "How to Re-enter Web3 as a Force for Good, Not Evil!" Okay... lol, we just made up this one, but we COULD do this!