Mint to receive lifetime community access and OG perks (personalized Name with PFP Safety & Security E-Book). Current holders receive community access, holder perks and voting rights. Original minters and current holders are Hero Hackers and ambassadors throughout all their web2 and web3 communities.

Holders will also have special access to future mints and a voice in awarding special incentives for exceptional contributions to preventing or solving cyber crimes.


Our wellness and learning collaborations help people make safer Web 3 decisions and directly serve people recovering from scams and hacking incidents. It is crucial for people to process what has happened in a healthy way, to learn and to move forward with confidence and safely in Web3.

We actively foster relationships with additional professionals in mental health, legal and tax and related industries. Culture, regulations and tax laws are evolving rapidly and our community will always need and benefit from experts willing to cultivate trust and share their expertise as giving back/investing in this space.


Exchanges, wallets, cybersecurity, educators/academics, government agencies, developers and other Web 3 innovators will all play an important role in stabilizing and making Web3 safer for everyone.

Hideous Hackers will always operate transparently and cooperatively with organizations working to improve online and Web3 safety.

When there are no more hackers or scams LOL, holders can vote to host a giant party with any remaining funds and everyone will be invited!