Cofounder Smartr here... when a thief hacked his way (yes, it was definitely he/his/him) into my Metamask and tricked me into sending him all the highest valued assets in my wallet, well... it didn't feel good. Not only were they "valuable" they were all the OG NFTs I had carefully curated from my favorite communities just a few weeks into my NFT journey.

I was heartbroken and literally grieved each loss. I would compare the feeling to that of a parent who hails a taxi in a foreign country and willingly puts each of their children into different cars that just happen to pull up to the curb.

As angry and disappointed as I was, I had to process in a healthy way and move past the entire situation so I could carry on. I actually set off on two paths: 1) I asked, how can I help others avoid this pain; and 2) I wonder if I can figure out who hacked/scammed me.

I can tell you that I did figure out who the coward was who stole my NFTs. And if he sees this collection, he may recognize some special traits included just for him! Honestly, I hope he sees this collection and has the courage to reach out to me.

Finding my hacker all started with analyzing the wallets where my NFTs, ETH, MVI and RNDR were criminally transferred. My success analyzing the hacker's wallets inspired Hideous Hackers building a database of "Thieves Wallets". We will share with other databases who distribute to authorities, marketplaces, publish for the general public, etc. We also hope sharing thieves wallets will help solve some crimes and prevent know thieves from operating on some platforms.

To start sharing Thieves Wallets, just << click here >>


smartr again... When crypto was still in the early 2022 bull market, I was phished/scammed! First, I FOMO'd into sending 125 SOLANA to a thief's wallet. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful when investigating this crime.

And then as mentioned, like so many others, I was hacked... I thought I was staking some NFTs when I was actually approving about 10 transactions in Metamask! I sent 7 NFTs, some ETH, MVI and RNDR tokens to a criminal hacker. Combined, both thefts added up to about $60K USD at historical market prices.

After processing and briefly grieving, these experiences made me determined to help others navigate Web3 "smartr" than me!

Hideous Hackers will serve as one data collection point, not just for our community, but for the general public. We hope our data can be combined with others and together we are able to create a database of stolen NFTs large enough to be useful.

We have a vision of partnering with others (Rug Pull Finder is our favorite!) to provide secondary NFT exchanges with a data feed of solen NFT token IDs. Among other things, one idea would be to "flag" stolen NFTs on exchanges to provide transparency to potential buyers of stolen NFTs. If successful, we hope to reduce demand for stolen NFTs enough to actually deter some hackers from bothering to steal them.

We will build something fancier later or partner with experts in this space... for now, we have a simple form to get our database started, to add stolen NFTs to the list, just << click here >>


While our core mission healing and prevention, we can't resist solving a few mysteries on our journey and creating a few "Bounties", payable in crypto or NFTs, to incentivize good sleuthing within our community. If we can help solve a few crimes, that's good for community morale and especially victims' mental health! day I will share the full story of my wallet being hacked and my successful amateur investigation! ~smartr